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RoHS compliant
Safe, efficient charging.
Auto detect battery chemistry
Multi-chemistry charger
   for Ni/Cd, NiMH, Li-ion, LiPoly batteries
Battery wake-up, Over Charge, Temperature, short ciruit, Time out protection



  • OEM Device:  Multiple Brands

Battery Specifications


  • Input Voltage:110~204 VAC
  • Charging Current:1000  mAh
  • Battery Chemistry:Multi-Chemistry


  • Dimensions:508 x 117.8 x 114  mm
  • Weight:2470  g
  • Color:Black


  • Operational Temp:0íŠ~45íŠ
  • Storage Temp:-20íŠ~70íŠ

Richcom warranties the charger and adapters to be free
of defects related to materials and workmanship for
24 months.

Adapter Cup Legend

Radio ModelRCP adapter PN    Radio ModelRCP adapter PN
Harris P7300 seriesRCQ NPA9 Motorola RCQ CP40
Harris P7100 seriesRCQ P71X Motorola RCQ CP2000
Kenwood RCQ KNB14 Motorola RCQ EP450
Kenwood RCQ KNB15 MotorolaRCQ PR400
Kenwood RCQ KNB16 MotorolaRCQ GP3688
Kenwood RCQ KNB17 MotorolaRCQ GP300
Kenwood RCQ KNB20 MotorolaRCQ P110
Kenwood RCQ KNB22 MotorolaRCQ GP350
Kenwood RCQ KNB24 MotorolaRCQ P1225
Kenwood RCQ KNB25 MotorolaRCQ GP88
Kenwood RCQ KNB26 MotorolaRCQ HT1000
Kenwood RCQ KNB35L MotorolaRCQ MTS2000
IcomRCQ PB43 MotorolaRCQ GP900
IcomRCQ BP209 MotorolaRCQ GP1200
IcomRCQ BP210 MotorolaRCQ MTX8000
IcomRCQ BP231 MotorolaRCQ MTX9000
IcomRCQ BP232 MotorolaRCQ Pro5150
MotorolaRCQ  XTS300/5000MotorolaRCQ Pro7150
MotorolaRCQ APX700MotorolaRCQ Pro9150
MotorolaRCQ HT750MotorolaRCQ GP340
MotorolaRCQ HT1250MotorolaRCQ GP380
MotorolaRCQ HT1550MotorolaRCQ GP328 plus
MotorolaRCQ GP328UnidenRCQ APX1105
MotorolaRCQ CP150UnidenRCQ APX1115

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Richcom Power LLC (í░RCPí▒) is headquartered in the USA with over 80 years experience in design, development and manufacturing rechargeable batteries and chargers for the mobilepower industry. We service an international client base using our state of the art manufacturing facilities in USA, Taiwan and China. Let our team be your í«technology partnerí» in bringing innovative and cost efficient solutions for all of your power management applications.