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SOHO Wireless Battery Management System: 

Today Richcom Power, the innovation leader in the manufacture of high quality, high performing batteries and chargers for portable devices, introduced itsĄŻ revolutionary, patent pending, Wireless Battery Management System. End users, for the first time, will be able to check the state of health of their battery before taking it into the field through passive access to an LED display.

The WBMS also allows for the wireless transmission and capture of battery state of health data as users pass by strategically placed transceivers. The data is then stored in the Cloud where radio shop managers can see the results on a custom dashboard which provides state of charge, state of health, serial number, location, user and more. Under performing batteries are visually identified for immediate removal and managers can illuminate an LED to instantly identify a bad battery. Empirical data supporting the need for new battery purchasing can be easily supplied to Purchasing Managers.

The risk and the associated liability of bad batteries failing in the field causing injury or death is greatly reduced as end users can identify a bad battery before going on duty.


How It Works

  - RFID integrated batteries with proprietary optimazation software 

  - Passive access to battery SOH (State Of Health) by users instantly identifies bad batteries

  - Custom RFID transceiver installed at key locations communicate with batteries as they pass by

  - Data is sent to computer dashboard either by LAN or WiFi from clould to PC

  - Dashboard includes locations, users, S/N, SOC, SOH, Time in Service and alerts

  - End users decide how often they need to view updates (Real time, Daily, Weekly, ect.)

  - HIdden LED can be remotely activated to alert users or find certain batteries providing "Remote Battery Maintanence Features"


  1. Monitor battery conditions at multiple locations 

  2. Adjsutable transceiver range - Up to 50 fts (15 Meters)

  3. Support Cloud and Local systems

  4. Provide battery critical information such as SOC, SOH, Last Update...

  5. Access to data around the world from PC and Mobile phone

  6. Battery SOH LED indicator