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RCP FlexBay Universal

Smart Charging System

Is an affordable, expandable, rugged modular designed Smart charging system, enabling the user to configure and charge multiple electronic device and battery models in the same flexible system.


SOHO Wireless Battery Management System: Today Richcom Power, the innovation leader in the manufacture of high quality, high performing batteries and chargers for portable devices, introduced its¡¯ revolutionary, patent pending, Wireless Battery Management System. End users, for the first time, will be able to check the state of health of their battery before taking it into the field through passive access to an LED display.The WBMS also allows for the wireless transmission and capture of battery state of health data as users pass by strategically placed transceivers. The data is then stor¡­



Richcom Power is a world leading rechargeable batteries and chargers manufacturer.  From Turnkey, OEM, ODM to high quality replacement batteries to the end users, Industry insiders have learned that Richcom Power is their ¡®Trusted Partner¡¯.  Richcom is committed to providing superior battery/charging products and services to the mobile industry. Be it powering your Land Mobile Radio¡¯s, Data Capture Device¡¯s, Portable Printers or any other portable device, we provide exceptional quality, service, performance and value.     With over 80 years experience in the design, development and ISO90001 certified manufacturing of rechargeable batteries and chargers, Richcom Power is the ¡®Intelligent choice¡¯ for all of your rechargeable battery and charger needs.¡­